About us

Who are we?

We are a group of people whose purpose in life is to extend the popularity of vegan products and to help other people to make their first steps into this world. In the beginning, we resumed ourselves on little blogs about whether to choose a product or not. However, with time, we started thinking bigger and now, we are ready to present a lot of new ideas in our articles. With a lifetime experience to back our affirmations, we are happy to present the best site about veganism and vegetarianism that had ever existed on the Internet, toveganchoice.com.

How do we review the products?

First of all, as true vegans, we know how hard it is to find a vegan product that you will actually like. That is why our team has constructed an algorithm whose purpose is to find the best deal available on different sites. After that, we borrow or even buy the product ourselves, not a cheap way to test them by the way and try it in different situations. The algorithm for every product is, of course, authentical. We cannot test the socks the same way we test a pair of boots.

After we receive a conclusion about every product, we save it and, when the time is right, we start writing an article about a specific area we have studied, and only then the data from our test is being used by our copywriter.

Our mission

After I and my wife have established this site, we had a little chat. We realized that the main idea of our blog is to open other people’s eyes to other possibilities rather than natural leather or other components of a slaughtered animal on the market. We are eager to bring as many customers to vegan markets as we can because, in comparison to other people, we truly care about animals and simply cannot accept the fact that a lot of businesses are built on cruelty and inhumanity.

Our team

A headshot of Brandon Lawson, founder of TopVeganChoice

Brandon Lawson

Founder TopVeganChoice

The founder of this site and the man whose idea was used to write the first article on it. Before establishing topveganchoice.com, Brandon was an activist and a regular participant of many legal meetings that pleaded against cruelty and inhumanity in many businesses. Now, he moved his focus on the Internet, being backed by the experience he got after interacting with other vegans and studying the work of many companies and factories.

Margaret Lawson


The woman who writes all the articles that are published on the site happens to be, Brandon’s wife. Margaret is a copywriter who has worked many years at different companies and newspapers. After turning vegan, she decided to use her talent to make things right with nature and convince as many people as she can that veganism is actually good for you.

Lamya Dent


The women in charge of all of our tests and analyses. Every product ever recommended by us was tested thoroughly by Lamya. She has a very strict policy about the products we recommend and we assure you, if Lamya does not believe that the product is good for our readers, you will never find it in one of our articles.