Are Vegan Shoes Made of Plastic?

With the increasing popularity of veganism and vegan footwear, more and more people are trying to understand the structure of vegan shoes and the materials that are being used to manufacture such qualitative and durable pieces of footwear.

The first thing that comes to mind when someone says vegan shoes is plastic. We are living in an era where practically everything can be made from plastic. Why not make plastic shoes?

The answer is not as simple as you might think. Yes, there are a lot of vegan shoes made of plastic. However, it’s not the same plastic that is used to manufacture plastic bottles or other such things. What is it then? Let’s find out together.

What type of plastic is used to manufacture vegan shoes?

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Like I said in the paragraph above, the plastic that is being used to manufacture vegan shoes is not the same as the plastic for bottles, bags, and other things. Veganism is not just about not killing animals for their skin, fur, and meat. Veganism is also about keeping the planet clean and healthy for both human beings and other creatures.

Hence, the usage of virgin plastic in vegan footwear and clothes. The plastic that major vegan brands are using is entirely eco-friendly and, in most cases, is recycled material.

However, it’s not 100% true that all vegan footwear is made of recycled plastic. Many brands don’t have the possibility to get such significant quantities of recycled plastic for their production as recycled plastic is a little more expensive than virgin one.

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Is all vegan footwear made of plastic?

Of course, plastic, especially recycled one, is an excellent alternative for animal-based products, and many brands are using it regularly. However, is all vegan footwear made of plastic? The answer to that question is definitely no because there are many alternatives, even cheaper ones, that can ensure the same quality as plastic or even a greater one.

From synthetical leather to canvas and even pineapple fiber, all these materials, when knitted properly, can ensure a great deal of durability and, in some cases, even waterproofness and breathability. The best thing about vegan footwear made of plastic is the fact that brands can go for both vegan and eco-friendly materials in one product. This kind of result is possible in case the brand has the possibility to use only recycled plastic.

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The fact that vegan footwear increases the usage of recycled plastic is, perhaps, the only good thing about plastic use in vegan footwear. However, if you wanted to know if vegan shoes contain plastic, the answer is definitely yes.


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