Best Vegan Dress Shoes for Men in 2022 [Reviewed & Tested]

Best Choice

Mofri Men’s

  • Comfort

#2 Best Choice

Noah Damiano

  • Rubber Sole
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole

#3 Best Choice

Ahimsa Edward Derby

  • Water Based Adhesive
  • Vegan Leather, Sustainably Made
  • Made in Brazil

We all want to look great, and a pair of nice dress shoes can make your outfit appear a lot more beautiful and expensive. Unfortunately, there aren’t as many vegan options as we have wanted to see, and, to be honest, it is pretty hard to find a nice pair of vegan dress shoes that would fit perfectly and would look nice and appropriate.

This is why we have decided to write an article about the Best Vegan Dress Shoes for Men in 2022. As a bonus, we have written a small but concise paragraph about how to choose your vegan leather dress shoes. Enjoy!

Top 11 Vegan Dress Shoes

Mofri Men’s Dress Shoes

The best part about these Mofri shoes is their variety of colors and patterns. You can choose from 15 beautiful colors that will bring a new fresh line to your wardrobe. In addition, their fine-textured uppers in tandem with a soft lining and non-slip rubber soles provide an excellent experience regardless of your circumstances. Another great perk of Mofri shoes is their comfort. Their thick cushioned latex insoles make you feel more comfortable while wearing them the whole day, and the breathable structure of the upper makes your feet sweat less and, consequently, there would be no odor.


  • Rubber outsole for extra protection
  • Lace-up construction, flexible and lightweight
  • Good-looking and perfect for a nice suit

Noah Damiano

Founded in 2009, Noah is now one of the most recognizable and valued small-scale producers of hand-crafted vegan leather items. Their main rule is the usage of long-lasting materials to manufacture their products. Noah does not use materials with harmful substances, even allergens or weak chemicals. Noah Damiano is one of the most exciting and beautiful pairs of dress shoes in their collection. Its classic style and interesting colors can make your suit look perfect just by being on your feet. Noah Damiano is 100% synthetic and sustainable while being one of the most stylish pairs of dress shoes on the market.


  • Sustainable and Vegan
  • Stylish, good-looking and absolutely perfect
  • Rubber sole for extra cushioning


  • Pricy

Ahimsa Edward Derby

Ahimsa is a company based in Brazil that specializes in vegan and cruelty-free products such as footwear. Compared to the other vegan products made of oil residues that pollute the atmosphere and biosphere, Gabriel Silva, the founder of Ahimsa, felt that this industry needed a change and started using only sustainable and vegan materials. Ahimsa Edward Derby is a modern-looking shoe designed to be stylish and fresh. This fashionable vegan leather shoe is made with a water-based adhesive and does not harm the planet or animals. Isn’t that great? I think it is indeed.


  • Sustainable and harm-free
  • Very stylish and durable


  • Might occur some problems with the sizing

Bourgeois Boheme Anthony

Hand-crafted by the best masters of Portugal, Bourgeois Boheme Anthony is one of the most beautiful dress shoes I have ever seen. Their minimalistic design and sleek silhouette make Anthony the best choice for casual and formal outfits. On top of that, their slip-on design with an elastic panel makes them even easier to wear. Bourgeois Boheme Anthony is a company that ensures the best quality by using only eco-friendly and vegan materials. Their high-quality Italian faux leather will make you feel like you wear clouds, not shoes. Another great perk is the usage of Bio-polyols lining that provides the best breathability on the market.


  • The best quality you have ever seen
  • Eco-friendly and vegan
  • Handcrafted by the best masters of Portugal


  • A high price

Bruno Marc Moda 

This Bruno Marc product, designed and manufactured in the USA, is the most famous pair of dress shoes on the market today. Their cushioned footbed and Premium faux leather lining make the customer want to wear it every day for the rest of their lives. Bruno Marc Moda is stylish and fresh-looking, the best pair of shoes for a casual or formal look with, in my opinion, the best lace-up closure. Their flexible construction and outstanding comfort bring only joy to those who bought the product.


  • Classic Brogue wing
  • Wooden heel
  • Fashionable and easy to wear

Will’s Vegan Shoes Signature Brogues

Will’s Vegan Shoes is a UK-based company that produces eco-friendly and vegan footwear that sells worldwide and looks astonishing. This particular pair of shoes is my favorite because they look unique and have powerful features that no other pair of dress shoes have. First of all, Will’s Vegan Shoes has combined breathability and water resistance in one pair of dress shoes, and that is outstanding. Another significant part about these Signature Brogues is their non-cushioning crush-down insoles made with recycled rubber and dark, heavyweight soles. Created with Italian vegan leather, Will’s Vegan Shoes Signature Brogues are a must-have for all the vegans that want to look fashionable!


  • Breathable and water resistant
  • Beautiful colors and patterns
  • Perfectly sustainable

Ahimsa Derby David

Made by the best craftsmen in Brazil, these Ahimsa shoes contain only vegan materials and sustainable and recyclable materials that won’t harm the planet. Derby David shoes are made with the usage of water-based adhesive. Their insole is made of bio latex covered in cork, a material that allows you to relax and avoid feet soreness after a long day of walking. The handmade stacked rubber outsole promises a durable and qualitative construction that will last long years. The rubber sole is designed to relieve all the pain and stress walking can cause to your feet.


  • Sustainable and eco-friendly
  • Made to last long years
  • Durable, comfortable, and fashionable


  • A high price for a pair of shoes

Will’s Vegan Shoes Slim Sole Brogues

Created with the usage of Italian vegan leather made of bio-oil, Will’s Vegan Shoes Slim Sole Brogues are amazing. The style, materials, and manufacturing are all so good that you cannot ignore their importance and impact on the worldwide market. Breathable and very comfortable, these Brogues are equipped with grippy rubber outsoles with wood effect heels and a cushioning insole made of recycled rubber. They’re durable and well manufactured, don’t have any weak points, and are perfect for any casual or formal outfit.


  • Classic wingtip brogue details
  • Medallion on the toe and burnished finish
  • Comfortable and easy to wear


  • May be slight problems with sizing

Choosing a good pair of vegan dress shoes

Choosing a good pair of vegan dress shoes is not always easy, and some particularities won’t let you find the best fit without the proper knowledge. In this part of the article, I will share some essential tips about the materials, sizes, vegan certification, and more such things for you to understand and use this knowledge for your benefit.

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Insoles and Outsoles

The insoles and outsole of your pair of shoes practically determine the amount of comfort you’ll get by wearing them. However, dress shoes are more complicated because the outsole does not contain materials that provide extra cushioning like other shoes. That is why you must be very attentive to this parameter.

The outsole of a dress shoe must be hard and rigid with anti-slip material on its surface. With such an outsole, the insole will provide all the cushioning. We recommend you choose a rubber or latex insole. That way, you’ll get the right amount of comfort and won’t feel any soreness or pain at the end of the day. However, there are cases when you should search for a rubber outsole that will provide at least some cushioning and arch support.

Vegan Certification

Another critical part of a vegan product is its certification. Of course, there are a lot of uncertified vegan products that too contain no animal-based products. However, it’s much harder for the customer to understand that without a 100% vegan label and, honestly, it’s not worth your time.

Nevertheless, if you fall in love with a pair of uncertified vegan shoes, there is a simple solution. You can call the manufacturer and ask directly if any non-vegan products were used to produce the model you want, and if the response is negative, you can surely buy it. But, as I said, it’s much easier with a certification.

Appearance and Color

Vegan footwear, in most cases, is made of synthetic products that can take any color the producer wants. Hence, you can choose from more colors than the customers who buy real-leather shoes, which is an obvious advantage.

However, we advise you to stick to the classics while choosing a pair of nice dress shoes. While more and more people want to expand the limitation of a human being, most of us still love the classics. Many suits or other formal clothes are unsuitable for unusual colors and forms.


We got to the essential part of choosing a pair of vegan leather dress shoes. While natural leather can stretch over time and become more and more comfortable, synthetic leather does not have the same abilities. Of course, vegan leather does stretch, but not as well as the real one. Therefore, you should determine the size perfectly.

You should study the size chart for the producer you want to buy the shoes from and compare it to your old pair of vegan dress shoes. If the measures are the same, you can immediately purchase the new ones. If not, you need further research. Just read some actual customers reviews and find out if anybody has had some problems with sizing and if the answer is yes, take them into consideration.


The most popular and commonly used vegan material for dress shoes is faux leather, and there are some good reasons for that to happen. First, faux leather looks practically the same as natural leather with similar waterproofness and breathability. Therefore, if you had some real leather dress shoes in the past, you won’t feel any differences.

Another popular material is cotton. This type of shoe is a little more casual and can be worn with jeans and other casual clothing. However, some people use such shoes with suits and implement them in formal outfits, after all, you just need a little bit of imagination.

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Are Vegan Dress Shoes as Good as Leather Ones?

Yes, vegan dress shoes are as good as leather ones, maybe even better. Let me explain. With the popularization of veganism and vegan products, vegan leather has developed enough to be an excellent competitor to the good old real leather. Faux leather, for example, one of the most popular types of vegan leather, has practically the same parameters as real leather and does not contain a single molecule taken from an animal.

The durability, the comfort, the looks, and other vital parameters have been equalized and, in some cases, undertaken by the vegan leather dress shoes, and that is a fact.

How Long do Vegan Dress Shoes Last?

Vegan leather shoes can last a pretty long time without any problems. However, if I have to be honest, authentic leather shoes can last a little longer than vegan leather ones. Nevertheless, if you take good care of your vegan leather dress shoes, don’t wear them every day for 9 hours straight but have 2 or 3 pairs, your vegan leather shoes can last as long as the real leather ones.

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Vegan leather dress shoes are probably one of the most exciting and promising products today. They are perfect from every point of view, starting with eco-friendly materials and ending with unique designs and comfort. So, if you do not have a pair of vegan leather dress shoes, it’s time for you to purchase one, my friend!

Mofri Men’s

  • Comfort


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