12 Best Vegan Nursing Shoes for Comfort [Reviewed & Tested 2022]

Best Choice

Skechers Empire

  • Lightweight
  • Versatile Styling
  • Memory Foam Insole

#2 Best Choice

Crocs Neria Pro

  • Heel measures approximately 1.5"
  • Fabric: Faux leather
  • Slip-resistant PVC AirWair sole, Contrast welt stitching

#3 Best Choice

Dr. Scholl’s Shoes

  • Moisture-wicking mesh lining
  • EVA foam removable comfort footbed
  • Molded nylon arch shank

Nursing is one of the most challenging yet essential jobs existing.

Long hours, stressful environment and a LOT of waling make this job difficult and practically impossible for most people.

Hence, a comfortable, stable, and breathable pair of nursing shoes is a must if you are a nurse.

Now, some nurses choose the vegan life. They are brave and courageous because the market does not offer such an extensive line of vegan models.

However, we have found the 12 Best Vegan Nursing Shoes for Comfort that will completely change your life. Enjoy!

Best Vegan Nursing Shoes for Women

Skechers Empire

Skechers Empire offers a great deal of comfort and cushioning and provides the nurse with safety. Their slip-resistant outsole paired with the comfort and cushioning insole combines the two most important qualities for a nurse.

Another great perk is the lightweight materials and breathable upper made from knitted vegan strigs that let your feet breathe throughout the day and provide stability and safety to your joints.


  • Flexible sole – a lot of comfort and cushioning
  • Lightweight – won’t make your feet feel sore at the end of the day
  • Not as pricy as other


  • The upper won’t save your toes from heavy objects

Crocs Neria Pro

These Crocs Neria Pro provide a great deal of comfort and safety for every one of your steps in a hospital. Their thick construction is perfect for dangerous environments such as hospitals or other types of working areas where everything could happen.

Another significant parameter of these vegan shoes is the non-slip outsole that makes it harder for you to fall on water spills. They’re easy to clean and comfortable after the stretching process has passed.


  • Easy to clean, very comfortable, and practical
  • Easy to wear and get onto your feet
  • Protected from any types of possible danger


  • May need some adjustments in order to be worn comfortably

Dr. Scholl’s Shoes

Made of durable faux leather and fabric, these shoes define durability and safety when it comes to mechanical damage. However, do not think that Dr. Scholl’s Shoes aren’t comfortable.

Their padded tongue and Memory Foam Cool Fit anti-compression insole provide the most outstanding amount of comfort you have ever felt. Also, they’re equipped with Dri-Lex lining and Aegis Microbe Shield to confront odors and moisture that results from long days of walking.


  • Comfortable and durable materials
  • Amazing breathability and different measures to prevent moist feet
  • Perfect for long shifts on hard materials

Hawkwell Women’s Shoes

These nursing shoes made by Hawkwell feature a classic, slip-on design with durable and stylish materials. Their synthetic tumbled leather upper is perfect for support and durability.

Being treated with a stain-resistant finish, Hawkwell Women’s Shoes will remain perfect even after long working hours. Combined with a unique footbed that offers superior cushioning and an outstanding comfort level, these shoes are excellent for nurses who are on their feet all day.


  • Excellent grip from EVA outsoles
  • Removable insole that brings both stability and comfort
  • Easy to clean and very resistant


  • May be hard to find the right size

Adidas CloudFoam Qt Racer

Super lightweight and adapted to all-day wearing, these Adidas Running Shoes are the perfect choice for those seeking maximum comfort for a long time. The combination of premium materials and the proper manufacturing makes this pair one of the German company’s most popular and comfortable models.

In addition, the cushioning provided by their patented CloudFoam sole makes you feel like walking on clouds, giving, at the same time, the right amount of support and stability.


  • Secure lace closure for extra safety
  • 100% textile materials and 50% recycled materials
  • Breathable upper made of synthetic materials


  • Can be a little pricy

Skechers Women’s Shoes

These shoes aren’t too pretty and don’t stand out, but hey, who wants that from a working pair of shoes, right? Skechers Women’s Shoes are perfect for those nurses who want a steady pair of shoes on their feet who love comfort and safety.

Their outsole is made of a very thick and slip-resistant material that won’t let you fall on water or even oil spills. Also, they can endure some water due to the synthetic leather upper that is partially waterproof. Another great perk of these is the fact that people with wide feet can wear Skechers.


  • Comfortable and durable
  • Resistant to water spills and other liquids
  • Perfect for persons with wide feet

Best Vegan Nursing Shoes for Men

Secret Slippers

These shoes are the best option for those with long hours that result in sore feet or painful joints and knees. With their air cushion design and shock absorption, Secret Slippers make you feel more comfortable and healthier with every new day of using them.

Supportive insoles help you relax more and relieve joint foot pains. Another great perk of these is that they’re very easy to put on and take off after shifts. Their wide width brings more room for your foot and makes you feel more relaxed and comfortable when wearing them.


  • The best anatomical arch support you can dream of
  • Adjustable uppers and breathable fabric for maximum comfort
  • Ergonomic sole and great heel cushioning


  • May not be a good fit in some cases

Crocs Unisex-Adult Bistro Clog

These Crocs have already become the classics of the nursing industry. They’re practically perfect and meet all the nurse’s requirements. From their easy to clean design to the slip-resistant materials and protected toe area, all its features indicate an outstanding experience of using these beauties.

Another great perk of buying Crocs is their easy-to-put-on design that helps reduce the precious time of getting ready, nurses need to be quick and responsive, and their shoes can help them achieve that.


  • Offer a roomy fit and non-slip materials
  • Thick metatarsal area for maximum protection of your toes
  • Contoured footbeds make them more comfortable and wearable


  • May need a little adaptation period in order to get fully comfortable

Skechers Felton Shoe

Skechers is one of the most popular and recognizable footwear companies globally. Their products are made for long-lasting usage in different fields, including nursing. Skechers Felton Shoes are the best choice for men who need supporting working shoes for everyday use.

Their padded tongue and collar and the memory foam padded bring only joy to those who have already bought a pair of these. In addition, their soft fabric shoe lining with shock-absorbing midsole will contribute to your daily avoidance of soreness in your feet.


  • OSHA-complaint nitrile outsole
  • Memory foam padded insole for extra cushioning
  • Stylish and supportive

Crocs Literide Clog

These Crocs are one of the most comfortable pairs in their model line and provide the comfiest fit on the market. Their cushioning outsole combined with LiteRide foam insoles bring super-softness to the table and provide an experience you would’ve wanted to last forever.

However, their comfortableness is not the reason you should purchase LiteRide clog. Behind super-softness and comfort lays the real reason, the all-day support and durability that won’t let you feel any discomfort after a long shift.


  • Softness and comfort every day
  • Cheap and qualitative
  • The best choice for long shifts


  • Very breathable but without water resistance

How to choose the best vegan shoes for nurses?

Vegan shoes are very hard to choose because our world has not yet understood all the advantages of vegan life. The majority of its population is still using animal-based products as its first raw material source. However, if you are a nurse and seek the best vegan shoes, here are some tips that will help you find the perfect pair possible.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to combine all the advice I am giving you to get the best pair. Nevertheless, my experience shows that the combination of these six tips is always successful.

Vegan Certification

First of all, the essential thing that should be considered when buying a vegan pair of shoes is if this pair is vegan. There are shoes with vegan certification, and there are shoes without them. We are going to talk about both cases.

When a pair of shoes has a vegan certification that says 100% vegan, you have nothing to worry about. A list has approved this brand and a particular model of different specialists that concluded its 100% veganism. So you can buy the pair without further research.

However, not all shoes that don’t have a vegan certification aren’t vegan. Yes, you understood correctly! There are great pairs of shoes that simply don’t have accreditation because it isn’t necessary from a marketing point of view, and the company didn’t want to spend money on it.

However, if you find such a pair of shoes, you can simply call the company and find out if some animal-based products are used to manufacture the model you like. If not, it is vegan. Many brands don’t use animal-based products anymore just because the synthetical ones are cheaper, so you can find a 100% synthetical product without a vegan certification.

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APMA Approved

The American Podiatric Medical Association, or simply APMA, is an organization that proves the fact that a model of shoes or other products is 100% vegan. It runs many tests and analyzes the containing of every material in particular. So if you see the APMA approved label on one of your desired products, it is undoubtedly 100% vegan, and you have nothing to worry about.

Otherwise, without their influence, many models and companies would claim their products to be cruelty-free, but, in reality, it is nearly impossible to tell the difference between vegan leather and natural leather because, with our modern technology, they look the same.

Materials Used

If we are talking about solely nursing shoes, the materials used are critical and mustn’t be neglected. There are three crucial requirements for the materials, and I will talk about all of them.

First of all, the shoes must be comfortable. When talking about nurses, comfort is not just about the soreness at the end of the day. It is about breathability, waterproofness, and other small details that make the picture whole. For example, it is nearly impossible to work comfortably when your feet are wet from the sweat because they simply don’t breathe or from the water, you mistakenly dropped them on the floor. All these things must be calculated and implemented in a good pair of nursing shoes.

Secondly, there is the thickness of the toe area. Again, nursing is dangerous, and there are a lot of heavy or sharp objects that can fall on your toes, and a good pair of nursing shoes must be able to ensure safety and security during the day. It’s not just about objects; you can just hit your foot with a door or something else. There are a lot of dangerous possibilities.

And lastly, there is slip resistance. A good pair of shoes mustn’t get slippery every time you drop a little bit of water, oil, or other liquids. You must be able to walk on them like usual, without any accidents.

Comfort and Breathability

Comfort is vital for a nurse. Like I said above, comfort is not just about the soreness at the end of the day. It is those tiny details that make someone happy. However, I would like to talk about comfort altogether here.

You all know that a nurse is on their feet all day long and, without a great deal of comfort, their feet will simply be destroyed and no longer able to function correctly. To escape such a dark perspective, a nursing shoe should have these three ingredients: cushioning, support and stability. Only this combination can get you a nice long shift without soreness, joint pains, or possible muscular problems.

Breathability might seem related to comfort, but it is not. A breathable pair of shoes is natural gold, not only in nursing. Your feet cannot be held too long without fresh air and air circulation because they, like all of your body, are sweating, and it is simply not hygienic to keep them that way. Therefore, believe me, a breathable upper of your shoe will be as priced as a cushioning heel or supportive insole.


You need to consider the fact that the pair of shoes that you’ll choose will be on you every day for 8 hours straight and their weight will directly affect the way you feel at the end of the day.

The secret is to find a pair of shoes that feels like nothing on your feet, like you’re walking barefoot but, at the same time, provides the right amount of comfort, security, and other parameters that you think are the best. By balancing all of that with the shoe’s weight, you will get the most wonderful experience out of it.

All people are different and, while one can wear a heavy pair of shoes, others are getting tired by just wearing lightweight jogging shoes, and that is fine, you just need to understand what you need and choose a pair of shoes according to those parameters.

Colors and Appearance

This parameter is not a problem because you can find vegan nursing shoes in any color and appearance. After all, they are made from synthetic materials, and the possibility of artificial materials is undeniably more extensive than the ones of an animal-based product.


A good pair of nursing shoes is gold, hard to find, but worth the time spent.

If you follow all of the instructions listed above, I guarantee you’ll find a pair of shoes that will fit all of your ambitions and requirements.

If not, just choose a pair of shoes from our top. They are selected from the best nursing shoes and will definitely make you happy.

Skechers Empire

  • Lightweight
  • Versatile Styling
  • Memory Foam Insole


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